5 Best Single Seater Recliner (Sofa) In India

Single seater recliner sofa will give the ultimate experience. One can sleep, read, nap on it. Usually, You can place it in living rooms, halls. While compared to the general sofa, Recliners will stand at first on giving comfort.

If you ever thought of decorating your living room or hall with single seater recliners, You should look into the following points to pick the best in an affordable range.

  • Type of Material Used
  • Sofa Dimensions
  • Brand & Warranty
  • Assembly Required or Not
  • Reviews / Ratings / Feedback

The above points will surely help you to purchase the best single seater recliner sofa in India. For you, we picked the 5 top single seater recliners with good ratings and reviews on Amazon. But, These are just our assumptions. We highly appreciate your selections, Research and pick the best for longer use.

Best Single Seater Recliner Brands In India 

BrandMaterialBuy Now
FurnyWoodBuy At Amazon
FurnyFabricBuy At Amazon
The Couch CellEngineered Wood Buy At Amazon
The Couch CellHardwoodBuy At Amazon
AlcanesLeatheretteBuy At Amazon

List of Best Single Seater Recliner Sofa India

1.Furny Elisse One Seater Living Room Single Seater Recliner

This is one of the best single sofa recliners with positive reviews and ratings on Amazon. It comes with a one-year warranty and available in 2 different color variants. i.e blue and brown.

Coming to the material usage, Upholstery material is fabric and the rest wood is used. Primarily solid wood is used for the frame & Top.

The brand Furny is popular in making furniture. Sofa dimensions are 37 inches in Length, 39 Inches in width, and 40 inches in height. Overall, The product looks quite good.

The Furny Elisse single seater recliner comes with DIY. We can assemble by ourselves. Easy to assemble and dismantle. As per the manual, fitting takes less than 3 minutes.

High-density foam for more comfort and easy to clean. You can pull if a recliner needed else, you just close it off with your footrest.

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2.Furny Russalo One Seater Suede Fabric Recliner

Furny Russalo Recliner comes with 2 and 3 seaters too. It is one of the best modern single seater recliners. The top and frame material is wood and the rest is fabric.

Enhanced and soft foam cushions boost smoothness and comfort. The official brown colored recliner will surely add beauty to your room and perfectly matches your wall colors.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and the dimensions of this recliner are 101.6 x 97.8 x 104.1 cm. The item is designed with sturdy and stable so, It lasts for a long time.

This recliner also DIY so that, one can easily assemble by themself. You can strech your legs by simply pulling the lever located right side of the sofa to open the recliner.

If you found it tough with the installation of any parts were missing inside the package. Feel free to contact the customer care at 1800-84-38769

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3.AE Designs Recliner In Dark Brown

The Couch Cell branded AE designs sofa comes up with 6 months of manufacture warranty. We can say that this is one disadvantage with this recliner.

But, The color dark brown looks professional and the wooden material, the fabric is used. Also, sofa assembly is easy, and one can assemble without any tool by looking into the guide/user manual.

Modern style single seater recliner with 40 kg of weight and its complete dimensions are 96.5 x 86.4 x 70 Centimeters. At least one year of warranty will be good for recliners but for this sofa, they were giving only 6 months.

The ratings and reviews on Amazon are good i.e 4 out of 5. This is the Indian brand and Engineering Wood is the primary material used in it.

Upholstery material is Leatherette, So avoid using pets, food, liquid items using on the sofa. Because stains and crashes stood for a long time.

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4.The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown

Another Couch Cell branded recliner also having the best ratings and reviews. The material is hardwood and the style is contemporary. Frame material is wood.

Like the above product, this also comes with 6 months of manufacture warranty. We can go with this product because this recliner comes at a low price.

176 degrees reclining position, So that we can relax more. Just like easily you can have a short sleep on this recliner.

Assembly is required and seller assistance would be provided. The nearest seller will help you to fit the sofa perfectly. Also, without using any tool one can fit this recliner.

Coming to the dimensions of this recliner, 96.5 x 86.4 x 70 Centimeters. It is having 3.8 out of 5 on Amazon. Stunning recliner with a stunning experience.

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5.Alcanes Franklin Recliner, Ultra Comfortable and Durable Ergonomic Single Seat Reclining Sofa

Alcanes Franklin Recliner is DIY, Assembly required but we can assemble easily. The pictured user manual is given inside the box for easier assembly of the sofa.

Frame material would be engineering wood and the material is leatherette. Also, The best 1 year of warranty would be offered by the company Alcanes.

It is a bit weighted sofa, 51 Kg. The primary material is plywood & Iron. Since iron is used so the sofa is more durable.

Coming to the item dimensions 99.06 cm of length, 91.4 cm of width, and 106.7 cm of height. This will look like a classical chair.

High density and high-quality foam are used. Cleaning the sofa is very easy. You can also recline up to 176 degrees for additional relaxation. The overall sofa is good. Anti-rust & durable. It is an Indian made recliner sofa.

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