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Best Tower Cooler In India 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Finding the best tower cooler for home is not much easier. Tower coolers are mostly preferred for shops. But you can place it in the bedroom, and near study tables. Tower cooler helps you to blow air at a certain height, a certain distance.

Like, For bedrooms you can experience cool air from the desired elevation. Tower coolers are similar to personal coolers but, these are slim and occupy less space while compared to personal coolers. Also, you can experience some noise at the time of running a cooler.

tower air cooler 2021
Best tower air coolers 2021

If you are confusing about choosing the best tower cooler in India no worries, you are reading the right one. By the end of this article, you will be able to choose the best tower cooler at an affordable price.

We picked the top tower air coolers based on their performance and market trend. Mostly the below are preferred air coolers, Take a look at each and every cooler and stick to one. Consider our air cooler buying guide for the best pick.

Best Tower Cooler Brands In India

BrandCapacity Buy Now
Symphony35-litresBuy At Amazon
Croma47-litresBuy At Amazon
Usha35-litresBuy At Amazon
Symphony55-litresBuy At Amazon
Cello15-litresBuy At Amazon
Bajaj12-litresBuy At Amazon
Crompton27-litresBuy At Amazon

List of Top 7 Best Tower Air Coolers

1. Symphony Diet 35T Sleek & Powerful Personal Tower Air Cooler

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Symphony Diet 35T cooler picture
Symphony Tower Air Coolers

This is the top tower cooler that comes with 35 litres of tank capacity. Symphony diet tower cooler comes with 1 year of warranty. It is an effective cooler for the room size of 15 square meters.

But, Placing it in small and medium rooms only can get good cooling experience. Also, this cooler is coming with filtration system. So, there is no worry about bacteria.

Symphony tower cooler is compatible with inverter, you can continue to enjoy cooling air without any interruptions if power cut happens.

Though it is slim air cooler, portability becomes very easy. Multi-directional wheels makes moving cooler from one room to another easy.


  • Friendly control panel (Knob)
  • Large tank capacity
  • Multi-filters present
  • Water level indicator
  • Low power consumption
  • suitable with an Inverter


  • No Ice Cube Chamber

Symphony Diet 35T Tower Air Cooler specifications:

Wattage170 watts
Weight9.5 Kg
Capacity35 Litres
Warranty1 Year

2. CROMA CRRC1205 Tower Floor Standing Inverter Cooler

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Croma tower air cooler
CROMA CRRC1205 Tower Cooler

Honeycomb cooling technology is used in this cooler. This CROMA tower cooler comes with three different capacity variants.

Also, 3 speed modes are available in it. Like all the coolers it is also having castor wheels for easier mobility. But comparing to previous symphony cooler just tank capacity is more.

Here only mosquito filter net and dust filter are installed and no other filtration features are given. But, the best thing about it is Ice chamber is given for an extra cooling experience.

You can even run this cooler on inverter. So, except a few filters this will be the best tower cooler with ice cubes compartment.


  • Trusted TATA product
  • Ice cube room
  • Not much noise
  • Thermal Overload protection
  • 4 way air delivery
  • Also available in 22 L, 29 L, 47 L


  • No Remote Control

Croma CRRC 1205 Tower Cooler Specifications:

Wattage160 watts
Weight1.1 Kg
Capacity47 Litres
Warranty1 Year

3. Usha Frost 35FT1 35-Litre Tower Cooler

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usha frost cooler
usha forst cooler

This cooler comes with 190 watts of wattage so power consumption is low. Usha frost air cooler having 35 litres of tank capacity. I think it’s enough.

It is elegant in style and will surely adds some glance to your room. Same to same it is also work with inverter. The best thing in this air cooler is, This is also available with 50 L variant.

So, you can even go for higher tank capacity. But, it is weight cooler. Having the large tank capacity is the reason for this much of weight.

Powerful air flow with carbon dust filters. Actually, Usha is a good brand for home & electrical appliances. You can even go for it.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Tank capacity
  • dust filter
  • inverter friendly
  • elegant design


  • No ice box

Usha frost tower cooler specifications:

Wattage190 watts
Weight16.6 Kg
Capacity35 Litres
Warranty1 Year

4. Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ Tower Air Cooler 55-litres with Magnetic Remote

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symphony air cooler
symphony diet 3d tower cooler

This is one of the best tower air cooler in India, If you able to spend some money. Because this is a bit expensive and comes with all the advanced features.

Magnetic remote and automatic pop up screen features will really helpful for the easier operations. Also, Empty tank alarm is the best feature in it.

Honeycomb effective cooling pads and i-pure technology is present. So we can feel the purified air without any issues.

1 year of warranty and auto shut off feature also places this air cooler at the best place. Any way, we can say that this the best modern air cooler in India.


  • 3d cooling
  • Large tank
  • automatic touch screen popup
  • empty tank beep
  • best modern cooler
  • Smell filter


  • Expensive

Symphony diet 3D Tower Air Cooler Specifications:

Wattage145 watts
Weight10.5 Kg
Capacity55 Litres
Warranty1 Year

5. Cello Tower 15 Ltrs Tower Air Cooler

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cello tower air cooler picture
cello tower air cooler

This cello tower air cooler can be used both inside and outside. You can easily know whenever water runs out of the tank because it is having a water low-level indication feature.

Super air throw that can flow up to 10.5 meters and also it works on inverter. Due to the 180 watts, you can get cool air soon and also power consumption is low.

3 speed adjusting motor and a friendly knobs for easier in adjustment. In this same model mega tower variant is available with an extra features you can even check it out.

Mosquito net and powerful fans (Turbo Cooling System) helps to boost cool air to longer distances. It doesn’t having any remote control options. Only manual operations. But, It is a price worthy tower air cooler.


  • Light weight cooler
  • Portable
  • Honeycomb cooling pads & mosquito net
  • Dedicated Ice Chamber for extra cooling
  • High, medium and low modes


  • No Remote Control
  • No Extra Filters

Cello Tower Air Cooler Specifications:

Wattage180 watts
Weight9 Kg
Capacity15 Litres
Warranty1 Year

6. Bajaj TMH12 12-litres Tower Air Cooler

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bajaj air coolers
Bajaj TMH 12 tower air cooler

It comes with just 12 liters of tank capacity but the best hexagonal cooling technology will help to cool the room very quickly. But, this cooler is only good for small rooms.

We can say that Bajaj TMH is the best tower cooler for the small room. There will be a separate ice compartment for superior cooling and also water indicator is given at the bottom of the cooler.

It will give the maximum cooling by consuming less water. It will be suitable for all climatic conditions. Bajaj TMH cooler is not recommended for large rooms.

It is the old model, But it is expensive. At this price it is better to go with some other models. Well, but the choice is up to you.


  • Typhoon blower technology
  • Digital water level indicator
  • Auto Swing
  • Slim and elegant cooler
  • Ice chamber for Ice Cubes


  • Expensive
  • Only suitable for small rooms
  • low tank capacity

Bajaj TMH air cooler specifications:

Wattage160 watts
Weight8.4 Kg
Capacity12 Litres
Warranty1 Year

7. Crompton Optimus Neo 27-litres Tower Cooler

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crompton coolers
crompton air cooler

This is one of the best tower air cooler in Crompton brands. It comes with all features like mosquito net, Ice cubes chamber. Also, water level indicator at bottom of the cooler.

Simple, black and white design that exactly gives an excellent cooling along with the best classic look. The same cooler also having the separate variants up to 50+ litres tank capacity.

Front water Inlet is given and its easy to fill up the tank with the water from front side. Honeycomb pads and auto swing modes are in it.

Motor overload protection is the best feature in this cooler. Inverter capability and castor wheels for easier moving of the cooler. So, last but not least just have a look at this crompton tower cooler too.


  • Everlast pump
  • water drain plug
  • can close louvers fully
  • Portability simple
  • trusted brand
  • necessary features included


  • Noise Level

Crompton Optimus Neo Tower Air Cooler Specifications:

Weight1.7 Kg
Capacity27 Litres
Warranty1 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tower cooler is best?

Symphony Diet 35T is the best tower cooler in India 2021

How to buy best tower air cooler in India?

Start looking features like Honeycomb cooling pads, Fans, cooling technology used. Finally look at the storage tank capacity. One Important factor is power consumption make sure that the cooler you are purchasing would not consume more power.

How to clean tower air cooler?

Most of the coolers were giving water drain at the bottom of the cooler for easier cleaning. But, If drain is not there then it will be difficult to clean.

Is really Ice chamber is required for the cooler?

Usually. Ice chamber is an additional compartment that allows us to place some ice cubes in it for more cooling air. It’s Optional and up to you.

How tower air coolers are useful?

Tower coolers help to adjust air from certain elevation. Generally tower coolers are used in functions, bed rooms etc.


Finally, For the air cooler buying guide you can refer here. But Symphony and Bajaj will give the best performances as per our research. Before purchasing any cooler just consider reading our buying guide for a better pick. Also, all the above products are well rated. You can choose your own. Feel free to comment below if any.

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