9 Best Air Conditioner In India 2021 – AC Buying Guide & Reviews

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Best AC Brand In IndiaCapacity ModelBuy Now
LG 1.5 TonKS-Q18HNZDBuy At Amazon
Daikin 1.5 TonFTKG50TVBuy At Amazon
Sanyo 1.5 TonSI/SO-15T5SCICBuy At Amazon
Carrier 1.5 TonCAI18EK5R30F0 ESKO NEO-i HYBRIDJET INVBuy At Amazon
Blue Star 1.5 TonBS-5CNHW18PAFUBuy At Amazon
Panasonic 1.5 TonCS/CU-NU18WKYWBuy At Amazon
Voltas 1.5 TonSAC_185V_ADSBuy At Amazon
Hitachi 1.5 TonRSB518HBEA.ZBuy At Amazon
Whirlpool 1.5 Ton1.5T MAGICOOL PRO 5S COPR INVBuy At Amazon

Best Air Conditioner India – Buying Guide 

As we all know that the temperature in the Sumer season is very hot in India. Usually, summer begins in April and ends by June. The best instance to convey this summer season period is the starting and ending of children’s schools. Yes!

In India, Summer starts by April and it lasts up to September and October. This situation is happening because of increasing Global Warming. Many pollutions like water, air, etc are also affecting Global Warming. The average temperature in India during the summer season lies between 35 – 45 degrees. But In some areas, sometimes the temperature will touch 50 degrees.

It’s been very tough to survive during summer due to the hot. To enjoy summer with cool air blow in your home the only thing is to install an Air Conditioner (AC) or An Air Cooler. We have to choose any between them. Mostly Air conditioners will give more benefits to us while compared to Air Cooler. But, The only drawback is AC’s are expensive.

Choosing the best AC in India is completely depends on you. But, No worries. This information, buying guide will definitely help you to buy the best ac for your home.

How Air Conditioner Work?

There will be a technical theory for explaining the working of Air Conditioners but, I am not going to explain to you theoretically. Because Some of you did not understand properly. I will try to explain to you in a general manner so that, you guys will understand the concept of working ACs properly.

Even though Air Conditioners are bigger in size but, AC working principle is very easy. We have to understand the AC Principle first the later working of AC will be very easy to understand. Now, let us take 3 examples

Guys, you might observe that we can experience cool air when we,

  • spray deodorant
  • Leak air from the cycle tire
  • Release air from the balloon.

These 3 examples contain only one principle i.e  ” If any gas or liquid suddenly released from the high pressure to low pressure then we get a cool experience.”

  • The liquid in the Deodorant is filled with high pressure, So if you press slowly then you can feel the cool spray coming out from the bottle.
  • Similarly, The air inside the balloon is filled in high pressure and if you start releasing, then it will combine with the low pressure outside and gives a cooling.
  • The cycle tire also the same as the balloon

So, The same principle is used to design the AC. In AC, there will be a special liquid which initially compressed and sent to the high pressure and later it will be sent to the low pressure. Then the output will be cooling. Here that special liquid is known as Refrigerant.

Refrigerants are of more types. Some of them are R134a, R22, R410a. So, this refrigerant will be sent to high pressure and again sent to the low pressure for cooling. This process repeats.

Working of the Air Conditioner:

After purchasing the AC we can clearly see that the AC is packed in two boxes. One is the Outdoor unit and the next is the Indoor unit.

In the Outdoor unit, Compressor, Expander, Condensor named 3 parts will be present. Evaporator coils are present in the indoor unit. In addition to these, there will be a lot of parts in the AC. But, these 4 parts are primary.

air conditioner diagram

The refrigerant will be passed through pipes that are connected to one end of the indoor and the other end of the outdoor unit. Initially, Refrigerant is compressed to high pressure in a compressor.

The high-pressured refrigerant will be passed through the condenser coil and finally, it reaches the expander. This expander will convert the high-pressure liquid to low pressure then, we are well known that as per the principle output will be cool.

So, that cool refrigerant will enter into an indoor unit and the internal component evaporator coil will become cool and the air passed through the evaporator coil will become very cool.

The fan in the indoor unit will absorb the air in the room and sent it to the outdoor unit through the filters. This process repeats until you turn-off the AC.

Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil:

Copper or Aluminium coils are used in the Manufacturing condenser pipes in the Air Conditioners. This coil is located in the outdoor unit. This is nothing but, the refrigerant flows through this condenser pipe. The material used to prepare the condenser pipes are copper or aluminum.

  • Most probably copper is better than aluminum, as we know that AC undergoes the heat exchange method. The refrigerant will continuously flow through these condenser, evaporator, and compressor.
  • Aluminum coil is less in cost and easily affordable but, the Usage of these coils may forms rust/corrosion to the internal parts, or condenser may not give the best life as compared to copper material.
  • Copper is highly reactive and it surely enhances the cooling speed also. But, it’s expensive. Prefer copper material condenser for the best performance.
  • Split Ac uses HCFC (hydro-chlorofluorocarbons) as a refrigerant i.e R-22.

Types of Air Conditioners in India:

There are different types of ac in Indian markets. Window AC, Inverter Split AC, Non-Inverter Split AC, Central AC, Multi-split AC, etc.

will see one by one clearly…

Window Air Conditioner:


Window ACs are mostly suitable for cooling small rooms. This AC can be placed in any room at the window. No space requirement, Only containing a window is more than enough to install it. Less maintenance and cools very fastly.

This Window AC also contains the same components such as condenser, evaporator, expander, and refrigerant. The working principle of all types of ACs is the same.

But, Window AC is easy to install and the only thing is there are no such separate units. Both Indoor and Outdoor units are fixed like a single unit with separated facings.

Central AC:

You might observe central AC in supermarkets, Malls, Restaurants. Central AC is mostly used for commercial purposes. These are very calm and spreads cool entire hall, the entire room with no noise. Only AC blows are inside rest all of the things were installed outside.

Multi-Split Air Conditioner:

It means that there will be only one outdoor unit for two indoor units. Multi-Split ACs are mostly used when the two bedrooms are near to each other. This is the only difference and the rest of all the components and AC working principle is the same.

There are two types of Split Air Conditioners-

  1. Inverter Split AC
  2. Non-Inverter Split AC

What is Inverter Split Air Conditioner?

In a word – Variable Speed. Inverter split ACs are high in price and similarly high in Repair also. Here PCB is present in both Input and Output units that actually help to variable speed automatically.

Since the speed is varied in accordance with the cooling temperature in the room, The fan may not run at the regular and same speed all the time. So, electricity will be saved.

Here, The most dis-advantage is- if the PCB got damaged or repaired only the company will provide the new one. It’s not possible to repair it with a third party.

What is Non-Inverter Split Air Conditioner?

In a word – Fixed Speed. Non-Inverter Split ACs are Low in price and Low in Repair also. No PCB will be present here.

But, The power usage will be more. You have to choose the best star-rated Air conditioner to avoid this issue and it requires a stabilizer to function.

Choose the one according to your usage.

1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, or 2 Ton AC?

The recommended is 1.5 Ton AC. As almost the Indian bedroom size will be 100 sqft to 170 sqft. 1.5 Ton Ac is the preferred one. If you choose 1 Ton AC the If there is an extension of the bedroom in the future it will be useless.

So, go with 1.5 Ton AC for the best performance. If the number of members in the room increases then, the 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner will functions perfectly on spreading cooling.

As higher the stars, electricity will be reduced more. So, try to buy the AC with 4 to 5 stars to avoid the consumption of more power. The below size table will be useful to you.

AC SIZE – Choose The Best AC in India
Size of the Room Recommended Size of AC
up to 80 sqft 0.75 Ton
80 sqft – 120 sqft 1 Ton
120 sqft – 160 sqft 1.5 Ton
160 sqft – 220sqft 2 Ton
220 sqft – 260 sqft 2.5 Ton
up to 320 sqft 3 Ton


Factors you have to consider to Buy Best Ac In India

  • The first and best factor is energy efficiency. Select the Ac brand with 5 stars. These 5 Star ACs are more likely to reduce electricity bills.
  • Check the customer reviews. We collected the best Ac in India with more positive reviews and ratings from the customers. Also, these AC brands are having the best reviews on Amazon.
  • Select the best Brand. There are more AC brands are available in India. But, The best and well-known brands are Voltas, Daiken, LG, Blue Star, Samsung, etc.
  • Maximum choose the 1.5 ton AC that costs around 30k to 40k. Because 1.5 ton AC will perfectly suit for Indian Bedrooms. There are different capacities are also available. But, select as per your need.
  • Check whether the AC is budget-friendly or not. Here all the ACs are budget-friendly.

These are the most important steps we have to consider while buying AC in India. Now, let us see a few more tips to save power/reduce electricity bills.

How To Save Electricity Bill – Air Conditioner:

As we all know that buying the AC with the best star rating will reduce the power bill. In addition to that, You may follow these steps for more savings of power.

  • Use wall care putty, roof insulations, roof ceilings to cool fast
  • Make sure that, Keep close the doors and windows
  • Also, don’t let more clothes are placed in an open place. Just keep them in any almirah and close the doors
  • As we all know that light produces heat, So turn off lights when you are not using them. This may keep the room cool.
  • Else, The best thing is using LED lights. LEDs consume low power and they produce low heat.
  • Always set AC at a standard temperature for better efficiency(22-25 degrees)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Best Air Conditioner Brand in India?

There are 15+ brands in India But, The most popular and well-known AC brands are LG, Samsung, Daikin, Voltas, Blue-star, Hitachi, and a few more.

Which is the best Air Conditioner temperature setting?

The standard AC temperature setting to save power is 23 to 25 degrees.

Who invented AC (Air Conditioner)?

Willis Carrier is the founder of AC

Indian AC Company?

TATA Voltas is the Indian Air Conditioner Company.

Best AC Service Provider Brands in India?

LG, Bluestar, Voltas, and Panasonic AC brands will provide the best services

Best AC in India with price?

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC (183V CZT/183 VCZT2) is the best AC at affordable price.

Which AC consumes less electricity?

The AC with 5 Stars rating will consumes less power.


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